Problem with Controller or with PCSX2 ?
Hi, as title suggest, I'm having a problem with my controller. I use a PS3 controller because I use it for some steam games. Also, I'm not using it wireless, I must connect it with a USB cable. At first, the game runs normally, no issues with the controller, everything is fine. The problem comes when I must disconnect the USB cable for connecting my mouse or other things. After that, if I want to reconnect my PS3 controller, PCSX2 will not recognize it. I must restart my laptop so PCSX2 can recognize the controller and play again. The thing is that I don't like to restart my laptop in order to play a bit more and it gets frustrating that I need a to find a Save Point asap in game so I can start doing other things. 

I have searched for a solution, but looks like I haven't found anyone with the same issue. If I'm wrong please let me know. Also, if I must restart forever my lap so I can continue playing... well, then I must do it I guess.

PD. I'm using PCSX2 1.4.0.

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That's normal, since the PS3 controller isn't normally a device that's native to windows, thus the drivers need to reinitializing it, if you don't want to restart your pc each time, then leave the controller in your usb port which shouldn't be a problem anywho, since most pc's/laptops have more then 1 usb port.
Oh I see, it's normal then. I thought it was a problem with my drivers or with pcsx2. Thanks for replaying. Btw, you're right, most laptops have more than 1 usb port, but not mine saddly. I would not have created this post in first place if I had more than 1 usb port hahahaha.
Buy a cheap usb hub then. You get 4 ports out of 1 port and it's really cheap nowadays Smile
It also depends on what program you are using to connect your PS3 controller to the computer. You can use this to monitor what is going on with your usb devices. I had the same conflict a while ago when I used to use both my PS3 controller and installed the drivers for one of my PS2 to USB adapters and it caused scptoolkit's usb driver implementation to go nuts... Without the PS2 adapter driver it works fine disconnecting it and reconnecting it on the fly.
Got it. Thanks for the help guys ^^

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