Problem with FF-X2 graphic, please help =(
Hello all ,
My laptop spec :
Intel Core 2 duo T7250 2.00GHZ
Memory : 2GB
GPU : Nvidia 8600GT 256mb
OS : Vista Home premium

Previously , I had graphic problems too with the FFX which you can find in HERE
Thank to Larfin_Man , I have solved the problem by using Pcsx2-beta-1474 version. Now I have finished the FFX , and wish to play FFX-2 ...

But the gameplay looks like.... this
[Image: error1epy.jpg][Image: erro2b.jpg]

what is the problem ? hardware spec is below requirement ? But
when I play FFX , most of the time I'm getting 4x fps..except 2x~3x fps in summoning and certain part of movies ...

Thanks !

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It's solved with native resolution and Interlacing options (F5) and no, you can't make the FMV's faster.
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That is only in videos. Press F9 to switch to the GSdx software renderer. It will be a bit slow,but you will be able to view the videos properly. After the video is over,press F9 again to switch back to hardware renderer for better image quality and speed
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thank !! both work great !

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