Problem with FF10
Recently downloaded Pcsx2 0.9.6 and tried to play FF10..I was able to play for a while,then i get crash suddenly..This happens a lot of time...Sometime i can play for a hour or so without crash yet not always...Even downloaded 0.9.8 and tried same problem.Well 0.9.8 Was able to run more smooth with more graphics and i could play for more time...Then again i get crash..Its getting a bit annoying....
This is the error..
My system configuration is
Window Xp Sp3
Amd Athlon II X3 440 3.02 Ghz
2Gb Ram DDR3
Ati Radeaon HD 4350 1Gb..
Using xbox 360 controller...
This is my settings...Tried with diff setting though...
sorry for too many pictures,just wanna show all setting..Hoping for a Reply...

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Normally you don't need to set up the game fix anymore, just make sure Enable Patches is active in the GUI (this avoid letting the wrong fix for another game or forgetting to activate it).

If getting any slowdown, try advancing the speedhacks sliders one step, this specific game is very complacent and accept this well.

What is the greater bottleneck in your rig is the video card, one attempt is running at 1080x1080 custom scale or even native mode.

Sadly that generic message from MS say nothing about what actually happened. The log may contain more useful information.

PS: Making the window larger does not harm that much the performance, you could increase it at the window setting, something like 1024x768 or 800x600, depending on your monitor (notice it is not the same as the internal resolution at GSDX plugin).

hope this is enough to avoid the crash, if not, it's time to look for the cause in you Windows XP itself.
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Ya it didnt work :c
Anyways thanks for the help..

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