Problem with FFX

My PS2 passed away about a week ago,so I'm trying to salvage my FFX save from my memory card.
What I did was copy the saves from the MC using ULE,then put them inside my USB stick.I got the save on my pc,used Save Builder to convert it to a .cbs file,then used myMC to put them inside my PCSX2's memory card.
Everything went smooth,up until I decided to give it a try.
When I launch PCSX2 and go to the central menu screen,I can check the memory card and the save is there.But when I launch the game and try to load,it keeps saying that "A Final Fantasy X save could not be found".
I'm using a single version of the game,(North American to be precise).Along with American Bios.
I've tried using many different file extensions to save the file(.max,.cbs,.xps) but nothing seems to work.
Would appreciate any ideas or thoughts.
Thank you very much.

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What format they were before you converted them with save builder? And was that really needed?Tongue Couse that's I guess pretty much the only step you could mess to make the save useless for the game while still being visible on memory card. You could pack the memory card and post it here, final fantasy saves are pretty easy to convert even between different game versions, so if it lacks something it probably can be fixed easily;P.

If you want to "fix it yourself" catch some info, I checked and FFX NTSC-U save should look like that:
Root/ID: BASLUS-20312FF0906XX
3 files inside:

Where XX = number of the save(00, 01 etc.)
Your saves probably lost some of it when you were rebuilding it;P.
The files,taken directly from the memory card,have no format.They're just plain files.
MyMC only accepts formats like (.cbs,.max etc.) so I don't think I had much of a choice there.
Also,the name of my save file is BASLUS-20312FF090601.
Currently trying what you told me to,but I don't think there's a light in the end of the tunnel :/.
Thanks for the effort though,if you have any more tips or methods to make it work,they're always welcome
Actually,scratch that,I managed to get it to work,thanks for all the help.

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