Problem with FFX-2 Fire
Hi there, I started playing FFX-2 and it run's smoothly at most points in the game but whenever the skill "Fire" is cast my fps drops to about 20-50% and it's really annoying cause some monsters tend to cast fire over and over again. So I was just wondering if there's a way to solve this kind of fps problem.

Thank you very much. Smile

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Your graphics card must be weak. I suggest using the latest 1888 beta and checking 'Native' In Gsdx config
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I used to have to untick "Alpha Correction" in GSdx D3D9 (hardware) renderer so it didnt slowdown on fire attacks in my old card, so if you're using the D3D9 renderer try that.
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switch to software mode..
fix ifrit's hellfire tho
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