Problem with FPS on 0.9.8 version
After i run 0.9.8 about 10 minute ,the FPS drop down by a half ,and not go back .I exit and after few minute,i try again and play normal about 10 minute ,and it happen again . Anyone know what happen with me ???

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do you have power saving enabled in your comp's bios ? Or Amd Cool & Quiet ?
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According to the symptom, that could be heat problem. How long has it been since the last time you cleaned the heat sink?
well ... i run it on my laptop ,so i think it's not heat problem beacause it happen only when i run pcsx2 ,and only for version 0.9.8 ...
about power saving mode ,in the power option ,i choose power saver ... and i think it's like enable power saving mode on comp ,nothing has change at all Sad
PS : my configuration

[Image: untitled.png]
Try setting power mode to performance.
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