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Problem with Hiding DS4 Controller
Hey all!

Got a problem. And don't know what to do. Downloaded DS4Tool 1.2.2. Installed driver, then started SCP Server. I play fifa 15, so i had to hide my DS4 Controller.
But there is a problem. When i plug in my DS4 to PC, it sees 'Wireless Controller'. When i lounch SCP Server, there are both controllers (as it has to be): Wireless Controller and XBox 360 Controller for windows. To avoid double input, i use "Hide DS4 Controller" option. It's been working well nearly 2 months. Now, when i press it, it turns off emulated X360 controller. I Don't know what to do, guys. Please help me.

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This has nothing to do with PCSX2, right?

If so, you should ask in the thread for DS4Tool.
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