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Problem with NPPL 2009
Hey guys, I have a problem with NPPL 2009 with PCSX2, the textures are all screwed up and I have no idea why.


Intel Core i7 @ 2.97 GHz
6GB DDR3 1333 MHz ram
ATi 4850 1GB
Biostar TForce X58 Mobo
Windows 7 Ultimate Build 7600,

Here's a link to what the problem looks like:


Thanks a load to anyone who can help me!

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Bump :<
PCSX2 settings? plugin settings?

Try with a (Software) renderer in GSdx.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Plugin settings:

Graphics: GSDx 2693 SSE41
1st Controller: LilyPad svn
Cdvdrom: Linuz ISO CDVD
Sound: SPU2-X r2693
BIOS: Europe v01.60

If I run the GSDx in software it just runs slower O.o
The bug is still there with GSdx software then? You should give the latest August plugin pack a try ( )
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