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Problem with Need For Speed
What are your system specs. Are you running the game with Speed=100% all the time?

As a workaround use async mix instead of timestretch as synchronization mode in spu2-x plugin settings. That should fix the sound if you have mild speed drops.

Skipdraw will remove some post processing effects. Possibly it removes the white rectangle but it could as well remove other desired effects. I would suggest that as well if accurate date, hw depth, accurate blending, and other ogl extensions don't work.

MSAA will impove the image quality if the game is compatible. Most people prefer upscaling/increasing of the internal resolution/SSAA over MSAA you can play with both and select what fits you best. Upscaling should have a better compatibility.

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No, i'm using the config that appear in the screenshots above. I'm using OpenGL (Hardware). Which is better, OpenGL Hardware or OpenGL Software?

My System spec:

MotherBoard B85M
Intel Core i5-4690
GTX 970
16Gb Ram
1 Tera HD
120Gb SSD
There is no relevant difference between OGL, DX9 or DX11 software mode. All software modes prefer accuracy over everything else. They tend to be slower and don't provide any image quality improvements. They just render like the ps2 does.

OGL HW is normally faster and supports upscaling. Most people will prefer this. However it can and will show graphical artifacts in some games - which can be compensated by hacks or accuracy settings.

You probably want to use OGL HW (and as ref already said set the CRC hack level to Partial - which is the recommended level for OGL).

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