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Problem with Pcsx2 1.7.0 dev version
I have this issue which is really bugging me, you see..., whenever I bump up the ee cycle rate in the game hacks, it always breaks physics in games, you might say that's normal, but not really, when I do that with 1.6.0 version, the physics never break, even if I max the ee cycle rate up, you might suggest to me to stick with 1.6.0, but there are some games that the 1.6.0 isn't compatible with, I was wondering anyone else having the same problem? and is there a fix for it?

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Yep, that will be the case going forward. The speed hacks are hacks, they will break games. Now VU0 is synchronised bumping up the cycle rate will destroy the timing.

I guess you're choices are continue to use 1.6 going forward (which isn't a problem if it works well enough for your games), or don't be so aggressive with the cycle rate.
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