Problem with Ps3 controller on Macbook
I have a ps3 controller with bluetooth enabled. the controller is
Rocketfish Rapid Fire Bluetooth Wireless Controller for Sony PlayStation 3 (Black). The mac is a OS version 10.5.8.

Here is what I do

Step 1- plug in controller to computer via USB
Step 2 - push PS button, lights blight really fast
Step 3- doesn't work

I have also installed the file from PS3 Controller

What am i doing wrong? or is it the controller??SadBlink

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I got it to work after some testing. I can't unplug it and it doesn't pick up bluetooth, but at least it works =D

Now I have another question. - How do you configure the left and right sticks? I see there is a part at the bottom of the configuration page, but I did that and it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong?? Please help!

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