Problem with Radiata Stories
Hi, long time user of PCSX2 here. I recently backed up my Radiata Stories and cannot get it to run as it crashes right after the 'ps2 logo' when starting. I've tried messing with the settings a bit and best I could get is to a point where is doesn't crash completely (and could save the log, which I attached). I've tried ripping the DVD several times and tried launching the dvd itself but it always seems to crash, could anyone assist?

Hacks I'm using (got me the farthest):
Alpha Hack
EE Cyclerate (2)
VU Cycle Stealing (1)
Enable INTC Spin Detection
Enable Wait Loop Detection
mVU Flag Hack

I've tried these attempting to get this to work from various 'fix' solutions online.

CPU: Intel i7 4790k
Mobo: ASRock Z97
RAM: 32Gb
GPU: 2x Nvidia GeForce 970

Attached Files
.txt   log.txt (Size: 21,22 KB / Downloads: 191)

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Are you using cheats? If not, try playing the game using your game disc. If so then try disabling it.
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I do not have cheats enabled and I have tried using the disc itself, but it crashes in the same spot as my copies. I'm hoping that my disc isn't damaged to the point where it is unplayable. Sad

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