Problem with Ratchet and clank graphics
Hi i have been trying to c if i can solve the r and c graphics but it just looks like the same but if any of you have any suggestions to make the game playable then i am all ears. Wacko Sad

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There is no need to make a duplicate thread. You already have one stating your issue, all he asked was that you posted it in the proper "Bug Report" format.

EDIT: Also, in regards to your issue. You'll need an above average PC to play this game well.
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It works in the current beta. You need enable the ffx hack to fill in the missing geometry. But it is slow, so try to use some speed hacks to get it near playable, btw anti aliasing (using zeroGS) at 4X and above makes it look really good, but it's still slow
ratchet and clank isn't playable yet.
Actually it is. I played it last night and I've made it to the second planet. Use the beta on the download page and the ZeroGS graphics plugin. Use the FFX hack in the graphics config to fix some of the textures.

BTW I'm using the American NTSC edition if that clears anything up

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