Problem with SSpsX PAD Pressure plugin
When i try binding the keys (keyboard or controller) it works fine, but when i click ok i didn't save the settings. How can i fix this?

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Try running PCSX2 as admin (right click) or ininstalling then installing in a new custom folder like C:\pcsx2
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Run PCSX2 as administrator or install PCSX2 in a place other than /program files/

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the ***** plugin still didn't save settings. I have also tried lilypad with the dualshock 3 API heres what i've got: triangle incorrectly binds as select, and the select and start buttons didn't work. Is it the plugin glitch or my pad (DVtech, brand-new)?
BTW I am running XP SP3.
edit: i just figured out that it's not the pad (mapped the previously non-working buttons with jnes) it must be some kind of plugin glitch\incompatibility
The pad controls only seem to work in the bios and the PS2 loaders. I dunno' why it didn't work ingame.

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