Problem with Spyro dawn of the Dragon ,please help :(
Hello Friends Smile

Im new i dont know something about this site :o
and im very sorry about my bad english >.<
Im again sorry if there already a Thread exist..i dont find it D:
[Not with my problem]

My only problem is i have pcsx2 0.9.8 ,and i have Spyro DOTD
Videos are good,with 50-60 FPS
but when i play i have only 8FPS
I try speedhacks.and some modifikations ..but doesnt work ... x.x
this is my pc

[i hope it is right]

Microsoft Windows XP Professional, version 2002
service pack 3

AMD Athlon tm dual core
processor 5050e
2.72 GHZ , 3.75 GB RAM
Graphiccard NVIDIA Geforce GT 520

I dont know ..when u need more please say me where i can find it..xD
I wish i can play spyro.. .___.

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No body knows the anwser?D:
Sorry, your PC is too slow to play PCSX2 properly and the game you chose to play is known to have high requirements.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Oh..ok Sad thanks x3

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