Problem with TwinPads for controller plug-in

I'm having problems with TwinPad plug-in. I got it because I need to use combos to input secret codes and combo moves. For example, in Drakan, they have secret codes for invincibility or money, but I can't get these codes to activate when I press several keys at once on the keyboard. The first part is "Press and hold L1 + R2 + L2 + L1 in that order" then a series of button presses after that to activate specific cheats while holding the first 4 L / R buttons down.

I downloaded the latest TwinPad, version 0.8.3. I managed to get the program to work by putting the .dll in the plug-in folder, and the .exe file in the PCSX2 folder in "My Documents", the same place where the savestate and bios folders are kept (default folder set-up).

I configured the keys and then made 3 button combos with the .exe file, and I now have the Combos.ini file and the TwinPad.ini file in the "inis" folder in the PCSX2 folder in "My Documents" (again, default location).

I boot up PCSX2 and then selected the TwinPad as my PAD configuration in the main config menu. I hit "Config", and it says that the combo file can't be opened. The same problem happens if I try to start up a game, in this case, Drakan. No controls are responding, and I still get the "Can't open Combos file"

Can someone help me fix this? I would really like to activate these in-game multi-button-press cheats because apparently my attempts at understanding and using Cheat Engine and patch files for Drakan has been a failure.

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Doesn't lilypad support all those...
Use lilypad and try it out.
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Button press limitations are limitations of the keyboard itself
Use Lilypad. Many users say that Twinpad isn't working for them on PCSX2 - and we don't include it with PCSX2 for a reason.

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