Problem with Valkyrie Profile 2
i know that this game is "Playable" compatible. I can start new game, wandering in the town, and even enter the battle. But i got i problem when i enter dungeon, the screen turned to red (not entirely, i got the picture), but i didn't crash or stop working, it's still playable, i can enter battle.

I tried it with 0.9.6,0.9.7, and the newest, i tried to configure many option/plugins, but nothing can do with this problem. So pls, if someone can solve this, pls give me an advice!

I upload some pic to show you anything you need to know, pls take a look

Thank in advance!

p/s: i think screen color is bright abit too RED when entering dungeon or battle, but the color is normal in Town, this must be the source of problem.

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Have you just tried it in the forest in the beginning?
As far as I can remember they game should work fine once you get past that part, although there is no "good" fix for the forest yet. Software mode should work I think but it will be slow.
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^ Correct. The issue only exists in that forest in the beginning, and then in one other small part later in the game.

No fix implemented in the current revision. Software rendering works, though. Wink
really thank! i'll give it a try.

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