Problem with Xbox360 controller in KH
I have PCSX 0.97 with a Xbox360 controller, and never occured any problem. But now, as I try to play kingdom hearts (pal version), it doesn't really working.
When I use the left stick up, down left and right, the character run, as normal. but when the stick is in the corners, the character walk. In combats against bosses and platform stages, it is really hard...

I tried lylypad r3878 and SSSPSX 1.7.1, no changes.
I also tried to re-calibrate the controller in windows 7 settings, with latest drivers for the controller, the problem remain
I don't have any other controller to check if the problem come from the controller or the emulation (the controller works well on other games)

Thanks for your help

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Try increasing the sensitivity, youll find it in the bottom right corner of lilypad.
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