Problem with a game
Hi all I have a problem with pcsx2 when I running a game called "Crash tag team racing".
As you can see from the scren the speed goes to 70% and I don't understand the reason... can you help me please?
I can give you my pc build:
Graphic card RX 470 4gb , processor i5 2310 2.9GHz and 8 GB of RAM.
I post some screen of my settings of pcsx2... and thank you for the help!

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1621 may be a bit weak for this game without speedhacks.
your CPU is clearly struggling (EE around 100%)
overclocking may help
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RAM : 16 Go
So which settings I have to change?
(04-23-2017, 09:06 PM)Scorpion1010 Wrote: So which settings I have to change?

Change your Video (GS) settings or use higher EE cyclerate & VU Cycle Stealing, since your processor has four cores you can try enabling MTVU.
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