Problem with configuration
Hey guys, first post here.

I have never had any problems in running the emulator before but 0.9.6 does not seem to wana start up. I even took a look at the configuration guide but to no avail. some of the plugins in state in the config guide are missing from my package which is kinda odd. when i try to run a game in .iso format the emulator crashes, depending on the plugin used i get a different error. One says that memcard was not found and the other says "Could not load GS plugin 'plugins; <NULL>. Same with running a game from a dvd. i just can't get past the configuration. Is there something im missing? Any input would be much appreciated it. Thanks in advance

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You should try deleting all the .ini files and reconfiguring your pcsx2.
try clicking on "Run as Administrator"
ok one thing you mentioned about ini files i forgot to mention myself, that folder is empty. i have deleted everything and have installed it twice but with no solution.
well ok i don't know how it happened but its working now. thanks for the help Smile

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