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Problem with connecting to Bluetooth
I have Windows 7. The DS4 program works very well with it plugged into a micro charger cable I have. Other than if I tilt the controller the wrong way it disconnects until I tilt it to a position it like. A little bit of a problem. I may need to get a better cable. Anyways. I use to use a PS3 controller and Bluetooth work just fine. When that controller died, I decided to get a PS4 controller. I've watched several Youtube and read many postings on how to set up the Bluetooth. I hit the PS button and share, wait for the light to flicker, and my computer sees there is a controller there. The problem I have is when I hit pair, my dongle doesn't pair with the controller. The dongle I use is a SMK-LINK VP6495 USB Nano Dongle Bluetooth v4.0 LE+EDR. I was the best dongle at the time when I bought it. I'm not sure if the dongle is at fault. I've even pushed in the reset button on the back of the controller to see if that worked. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers and the DS4 program. Does anyone else know how to fix this problem? Playing wireless would be a lot better than what I'm playing with now. It could be the controller is defective and I may return it. What dongles do other people use?

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Bluetooth is jacked with most controllers I try on win7.

This is the way I do to make it work. Not exactly scientific, but it works for me perfectly.

1- First, click on the Bluetooth icon in the tray, choose show devices, and remove the controller if it is there.

2- click on the Bluetooth icon again, and choose add device. It should be searching now.

3- Hold PS button and share till it starts blinking 2 fast blinks followed by a pause. It should show on the Bluetooth list, double click it.

4- Count five of those double blinking, if the controllers connects, great. If it does not connect by the fifth one, then press cancel. Do not wait for it to cancel by itself.

5- Physically Remove the dongle and reconnect it. Do not just disable it from device manager.

6- click on the Bluetooth icon again, and choose add device again, the controller should still be blinking. Choose it, and it should connect now.

This works for me every single time, hope it helps you.

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