Problem with error CPU
Hi everyone.
Ehn, yesterday I tried to play various games, in pcsx2 emulator.
The game seems to work, but not at 100%-80% speed game..
I was "sad" because I saw that the plugin reported me the 99% , so the "max".
But if I go into the task manager, I can see that PCSX2 (+ Other Programs, including antivirus) use only 35% of CPU...
Why GSDX Plugin (and also Zero) can't use aboeve 35% of my CPU?
Thanks to all.

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PCSX2 generally uses 1 to 2 cores (above 50% on dualcore, 25%-50% on quadcore).
if GSDX's "CPU %xx" is 99, the graphic plugin is hogging the speed; otherwise - the emulator.

try an older version of GSDX (0.1.4 for example) - they can be MUCH faster (but some graphic bugs are likely).
Well, you could report this issue to microsoft as task manager bug: they count 100% CPU power for all cores, not for single core (4 cores full load should be 400%).

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