Problem with "fire and water" effects in GOW I and II
Hi everyone
I'm trying to play GOW I and II on my laptop, but i have a problem. My laptop specs:
Intel i7 740QM- 1,7 GHz x4
Radeon HD5870 / 1GB DDR5
GOW I and II in PAL version run on my laptop with full speed(50 fps for PAL)
on Direct3D11(hardware) and scalling 4xNative and some speed hacks. I have problem when Kratos is doing strong attack with something like fire effect. with this effect game slows to 25 fps and after 2 seconds i have 50fps again. What the problem is ? I'll just add that it happens even when i set D9 and 3x or 2x native scalling. I have this problem also with splashing water. I attached jpg with those effects. Sorry for mistakes and please help.

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It means that at these specific scenarios, your system is not fast enough to emulate at 100% speed. Overclock, use speed hacks, etc. And just to make sure, also test at native resolution.
I forgot to write one thing. I have this problem only when i'm doing it in front of the camera. when i'm doing this when i can see back of kratos or his left or right side everything is ok even when Kratos and effects are big and close to the camera. Problem is only in front of the camera even when Kratos and effects are small and far from the camera.

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Yes, it is much more GPU intensive when done directly in front of the screen. If you set scaling to native you'll see a huge FPS difference
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Ok thank You for help.
Now I have another problem... I finished GOW I and I started GOW II. I'm using the same settings which i used with I. But I have black vertical lines in some moments for example under water and several other moments. What can I do to repair that problem without reduction graphics?

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