Problem with game - Resident Evil Outbreak file 2
Well, thanks to the previous help I got the emulator loaded. Subsequent to that success I tried initiating the only game I own: Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.

And this is what occurs -
I hear some broken audio ( which does not bother me )
I see some strange blue and red lines moving around, and then a playstation 2 logo, afterwards the screen remains black, 40 seconds later I hear the RE: Outbreak menu music, but everything remains black.

Does anyone have any suggestion for this?

I'm on Linux ( Fedora 8 )


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First, if you see sony logo, than emulator is working. Second, use ZZogl plugin, not ZeroGS. If image is still not here, press "start" button on gamepad several times (sometime videos have issues). If nothing help, report in ZZogl thread, I try to look at this game.

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