Problem with graphics [solved]
I have a problem whit graphics in Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3. Game starts fine and works with no problems and fast (without limits about 100-300 fps Mellow ) but when i get in a battle or story cut scene it's all black execpt the characters and some small objects. I'm running the game from an .iso.

My config:

System specs:
Windows Vista 32bit
Intel core 2 duo E6850 @ 3.00GHz
Nvidia 8800 GTS 512 mb

If i missed something just ask for it.

E: Well it seems that after i wrote this message the game doesn't work anymore, it just says pcsx2t.exe stopped working right after a battle starts. game still starts fine.

E2: Here is a pic from the new problem.


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For this game, use pcsx2 playground. You'll have much better compatibility...
Okay i'll go try that. Thanks.
Wow i'm stunned. It worked and both problems are gone. The game works even better than before. Didn't expect it to be this easy Biggrin

Anyways, thanks a lot Krakatos
May I ask What Are Your Settings on Playground?
Speedhacks, Graphics, Etc?

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