Problem with kingdom hearts 1

Ive been using pcsx2 playground the last few days and ive been playing kingdom hearts on it.

Everything has been working perfect, but suddenly a problem ocurred.
After i beat the chameleon and get in the waterfall, an scene ocurrs. After Jafar and the witch talks about the heartless and the scene finish, all the Sora and the others appears in the tent, and the game freezes and i cannot continue.

I tried older versions of the emulator, newer bios and other plugins (like the GSDX 0.1.14), i changed the settings, but nothing.

So, i wanna ask if somebody can help me with this part. In the attachment, i put a save file in the tent, the only thing you must do is to climb the waterfall.

Thank you so much

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what version do you use vm or vtlb and try download newest rev of playgrounds
(01-17-2009, 12:00 AM)Darkj Wrote: what version do you use vm or vtlb and try download newest rev of playgrounds

I tried both, the vm and the vtlb, and also i have downloaded the newest playground.
wat version are you using? and what is the specs of your pc.... whats your average framerate before the crash??
do you use any speed hack ? if you use them try disabling them and what other plugins do you use
I have a core duo 1.8ghz
2gb ram
geforce 7600gs

Im not usingany speed hacks. Thats the only problem that i have. I used a lot of plugins (but i dont remember the exactly names)

Can somebody use my save file and save after the scene?

Hmm try worked fine with me try the plugins i use GSDX 1.14,Linuz/Pg Iso CDVD 0.8.0,SPU2ghz Playground, speedhack 2x and PCSX2 PG rev 603
Thanks, it worked perfectly.

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