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Problem with local administration
As at your forum to inform on bugs in the games, two times tried also both times closed a theme and still preventions have put. It is insulting after all. Explain as here to write about bugs, I after all out of the fool I saw numerous themes about errors in games absolutely same. That for discrimination. Or you block only because of that that Russian. Answer as themes then to write about errors in games.
And I do not mention a software!!!

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You're "reporting bugs" with a pirated game, it is insulting to us since our rules clearly state we don't tolerate any discussion about it and well it's difficult to know if any problem you may have is because of not being the original game.

So... yes on that part we discriminate against pirated games.

Edit: Also you completely avoided the How to use this forum - read BEFORE posting thread in the Bug Report section... and finally a report which just says "black screen" really isn't helpful or says anything...
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Because I closed the second one, I'll follow shadow lady here.
Just read the forum rules, and eveything will be fine
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Excuse. Simply it is very difficult to find licence game in the Internet on PS2, and in their shops there was also that there is no confidence a little that it will be the licence. I informing on those errors on what I will come across. Forgive.

P.S.: did not know that conversation on piracy games for someone "blow by a knife in heart". For the first time the such I face. Everywhere freely tell and here a crime ((
Thanks, I read forum rules
The reason the PCSX2 team doesn't want to support anyone that's using PCSX2 to play pirated games is because they don't want Sony to sue them for helping people play pirated games.

If the PCSX2 team gets sued, there'd be no more help, no more fix, no more newer version.

That's the simplest explanation I can give; other people may have differing views.
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So developers Sony Playstation know about you. All right forgive once again. Too troubles are not necessary to me. And to what section of a forum to write about problems with program PCSX2?
in the general discussion.

read the stickies to know how to use bug reporting and in which case.
CPU : I7 2600K Oc'ed @ 4.2Ghz
Mobo : Intel P67 southbridge
GPU : NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti
RAM : 6 Go

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