Problem with new laptop.
This is my new laptop Dell Inspiron N4010:

[Image: 79524528.png]
[Image: 96938495.png]

When i run a game with pcsx2, the laptop's screen turn blank for few seconds, after that an error message appear like you can see in this Screenshot:

[Image: 82961236.png]
Then the sound was playing normally but pcsx2's screen still all blank, and when i press any button to process the game it crashed.

Anyone know whats wrong with this?

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I'm guessin' it might have something to do with the fact that your laptop has no graphics card. It appears you're running off the integrated graphics core on the processor. Is there supposed to be a GPU (like one it was advertised with)?

You could post your PCSX2 settings, particularly the things you've changed from default. Also, what game(s) you are trying could mean a lot, unless you're aware of their particular compatibility. Oh, and keep GSdx on native if you're not already.
I've got a sneaky feeling this is brand new technology, using a graphics chip on the processor. Which means the drivers are playing catch-up to the hardware in most cases like this... test both a Windows DX10/DX11 game and see the results, if the game fires up fine then we know the D3D is functioning Smile.. if DX11 doesn't work, then disable it, use only DX10, if a DX10 game doesn't work then try DX9 and if that doesn't work then.. make sure to visit the Dell/Intel site regularly to check for driver updates. Do the last thing anyway, but unfortunately its just trial and error because your hardw3are is so new, unless somebody else with an i5 graphics chip can verify this..
Just double checked and it should be playable on DX10, even still if that doesn't work then try DX9 and make sure to update your drivers. I remember using an intel onboard graphics solution and I got similar errors until i got the newest drivers.

Oh, and definitely keep GSdx on native, as Rezard said.
The error message on your screenshot says the "intel graphics accelerator driver for windows xp", yet you're clearly using Vista or 7. If that is how Dell gave you it they want shot.. or at least fired. You will HAVE to update the driver. Get the one from Intel, they have a good driver search function, make sure you get the one for your operating system. Or just phone Dell and ask why.. up to you.
I already get all new driver updates from the support site, one of that i downloaded and install there is ATI's driver(?).
Its like that only when i use GSdx hardware mode as plugin thou. It seem that my laptop can run game with Software mode or with ZeroGS as plugin but its dont have a good speed Angry

Damn it, i try to use pcsx2 as soon as i get this new laptop but its no goodSad. Is my laptop no good for pcsx2? Ohmy
I think your hardware should play some games since pcsx2 is processor heavy and you have a fantastic processor.

The error in your screenshot is clear in stating you have a windows xp driver, but the screenshot is also clear you have either Windows 7 or Vista, is this right?

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