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Hello Forum =)

I set up the PS2 Emulator and when I open one of my Games everything is still alright. But when I e.g. want to play Dragonball then everything is okay until Im about to get into the Game and fight. Then the screen looks like this:

PS: I gotta 1.73 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor, 2 GB Ram and a 7700 Go Graphic card on Windows XP 32-Bit (still).

Do you think a Computer with 3 GHz Quad Core, 4 GB Ram, and a Graphic Card like this okay ?

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Laptops... ;P
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Kuroneku have you tried using the latest version of GSDX?
Download the playground release binary form it has a recent build included.

PS: That graphics card is more than enough for PCSX2's needs.
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