Problem with saving.
Hi pcsx2 community,

Description of my prob: Everytime i save the game,no matter if i save ingame or press f1,it just wont work.Before closing the game i can see that there is a savegame and i can load it,but when i close the game and want to play again,my savegames are gone.

Can anyone help me with this?

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Try running PCSX2 as admin (right click) or move your PCSX2 folder to your Documents folder.
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As an aside, I've found this same problem with several PC games that I've played here over time, especially with World of Warcraft and it's regular update cycle. Excl
As I prefer to run everything under a restricted account in Windows for better system security, and I don't like hosting programs outside of the \Program Files tree, I use the CACLS command in the DOS terminal to give my restricted account the necessary read/write permissions in the relevant folders. Smile

There should be a fair bit of CACLS related info available via Google, and a rather long-winded article on the subject can be found on my website, titled Making thy Windows box a little more secure if ye are interested. Cool
Thx guys.

It worked when i started pcsx2 as admin!

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