Problem with soul calibur III?
Hey guys, I'm new here so Hi everyone Biggrin

I'm currently having a problem with the new emulator version(1.4.0) and it's kinda annoying. 
I'm running soul calibur III with my rig
(i5 4690k, gtx970, 8 gigs of ram)
And I'm having this kind of a problem, I have mayor ghosting in all stages of the game and nothing seems to fix it. I tried to turn on the HW hack wild arms offset, that supposedly fixes this problem but it doesn't work for me It shows everything blurred like a glitched screen. My settings are these:

[Image: vwsldj.png]
[Image: 2h31qit.png]

any workaround for this?
Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried reinstalling it?

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