Problem with spirit camera in Fatal Frame
Hi there!

I'd like to record Let's Play from the first Fatal Frame a.k.a Project Zero, however I do not have a capture card so I figured out that I can use your emulator to play the game on my PC and record it with fraps. Unfortunately I have a problem with the game settings that I cannot manage on my own.

Whenever I encounter a ghost I have to exorcise him by taking a picture of him with my Spirit Camera. The problem is that I cannot find a spot that should appear at the middle of the ghost figure. The spot is just not there or is in some odd places on the screen.

I red about this problem and apparently changing setting from rendering on hardware to rendering on software should help. However the graphic looks awful and I would like to maintain the quality of my videos.

Is there any other way/setting that will fix the problem without killing the graphics?

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give a try to latest svn.
Though i think you'll have to use software mode anyways
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Try setting GSdx to DX9 hardware mode, it's much better than DX10/11 in that. But if you want it to be totally accurate, you have to use software mode
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you need r2842 or preivious.

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