Problems Concerning speed
Hi, this is all my info:

Intel ®
Pentium ® D CPU 2.80GHz
2.80GHz, 0.99 GB of RAM

I copied this from Control Panel >> System

My Graphics card is this:

HP vs17 flat panel monitor on Intel® 82945G Express Chipset Family

I have no idea what the above means, hehe

my question is, whats teh easiest and best way to make it go alot faster. That whole Gxds10 of whatever doesnt work, i just have gxds9 v0.1.0
I put it in teh plugin but it wsant showing up, if anyone can please help me id appreciate it alot!

thanks, reply soon

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First, you're using an outdated version of GSDX. Now, your PC is extremely slow for PCSX2. The CPU is too slow, and you have an integrated video card. There's no way you'll be able to play at fullspeed something else than basic 2D games. I recommend to stick to your PS2.
Nah, you can not get playable fps. Please read sticky thread which are related for recommanded cpu to play with pcsx2.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
with this CPU may only run 2d games.
and the mobo might not accurate and a built-in GFX card
e.g. if the built-in GFX card was busted the entire mobo will stop functioning especially mostly are laptops.
unless you switch to P35,P45,P6K class
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thnanks alot

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