Problems Configurating Pcsx2 :(
Hello! I've been reading the spanish guide about how to configurate the emulator and i'm having trouble to make it work... the puntal problem it's "Gs Output disabled". It's been 2 hours now since i've started configurating the emulator but's imposible Sad ... I was wondering if someone could check out my configuration and detect my problem.

The Emulator version i have is 0.9.7, I didn't installed any plugins, only the default ones but i've installed a Bios pack...

My Computes sprecifications:

O.S: Windows 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2,8 Ghz
Ram: 4Gb Ddr2
Video Card: GeForce 9600GT
HD: 300 GB

The Emulator Configuration:

[Image: problem1m.png]
[Image: problem2.png]

When I try to run Rouge Galaxy this problem comes up....

[Image: problem3y.png]

Thanks very much for checking up on this...

P.D: I'm sorry for the mistakes or the way i write... I'm form Argentina and my english isn't that good Sad

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It's a bug with the "Disable all GS output" option as far as I know, I suggest you delete your pcsx2.ini file and configure it again without touching that option.

You're also using an old and not supported version of PCSX2 so try with the latest beta:

And this has nothing to do with the Site Feedback section so moving...
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