Problems Configuring
Hey All,
I'm running into some problems here configuring my pcsx2. I've followed the configuration guide very carefully however I keep running into this problem. PCSX2 is not saving my configuration as it keeps asking me to configure it each time I open it up again and all my configuration options are back to square one. Even after applying any changes to the controller or graphics settings they all revert to default and are not being saved when I re-press the configure... for each plugin.

Secondly, once in game (Kingdom Hearts) my controller isn't registering even though I was able to map it so I know the emulator is detecting it. In fact, on the configuration screen after mapping my controls and applying the changes I go back into configure it and all my settings are erased already so they're not being saved in either lilypad or the other plugin. Please help? I know I'm a noob but noobs need help to unnoob themselves sometimes. Smile

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Congratulations on asking a question answered one BILLION times in these forums. It's also answered in the FAQ ( ).
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