Problems Everywhere!
Hey guys, I am new here and this place is my last resort before I completely give up on PCSX2. I downloaded SmackDown vs Raw from this site:


I open up PCSX2 and they told me I needed to configure, so I downloaded the bios-es and stuffs. Then, I followed this tutorial:

(I tried hell alot of other tutorials too, and they didn't work.) Okay, the first problem I encountered is that when I try the Graphics configuration part (follow 0:44 to 1:15 in the video for more details), I follow the video and when I click 'OK' and open it back up again, the settings turn back to default again Blink I tried alot of times and every single combination I can think up of, but none of them worked. They just keep returning too Default settings. I haven't tried configurating the others but before, when I didn't realize the error at the Graphics section, I just went ahead and load the Linuz and stuff and load my ISO File (Note: I didn't do anything wrong!) and then went to the Emulator thingy (And I didn't close that black box!) and clicked on file and loaded the game. Then there came a series of different errors:

Error 1: Failed Loading MemoryCard from file: memcards/Mcd001.ps2

Error 2: Failed Loading MemoryCard from file: memcards/Mcd002.ps2

Error 3: Error Opening CDVD Plugin

I believe that they are all linked to my bad configuration but I am not completely sure. Please HELP ME!!!! Sad

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Quote:I downloaded SmackDown vs Raw from this site

Quote:I downloaded the bios-es and stuffs

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