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Problems compiling pscx2 v1.1 on Fedora
Okay, that explains it. Usually me who is in error Wink Will you be able to place r5674 as a tarball on googlecode?

I'll try rpmfusion with this package first. I'll investigate r5350 more if they reject 1.1

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If they insist on the r5350 stable they will miss out on extremely critical bugfixes.
OS: Linux Mint 17.2 64 bit (occasional Antergos/Arch user)
(I am no longer a Windows user)
CPU: Intel Pentium G3258
GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti

I uploaded the new tarball.

By the way, the new GSdx doesn't use anymore *.glsl file. You might need to update your spec file accordingly.
Great, that compiles fine. I've built the packages and I'll offer them up to rpmfusion Bugzilla tonight. (fingers crossed). Finally got some time to try out the new package btw - very good, steady improvement happening. I was also pleased to see some speed increase in the GSdx hardware mode over previous builds - I can get about 40 fps out of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, which is pretty much playable. Does this mean a faster GPU would improve speeds in this mode? Many thanks for all your efforts!
Great it is working now, not yet finished but progress are steady :-)

I got various micro optimization that could help to gain another couple of fps :-) (At least on fglrx driver). We are often cpu limited rather gpu limited. What you can do is some tests with various GPU load, enable/disable fxaa, increase the resolution.
Note: for your personal use, you can increase GCC optimization with those flags (need the gold linker, gcc4.8):
Quote:-flto -flto= -fuse-linker-plugin
It will enabled link time optimization. If it doesn't break PCSX2, it might be a bit faster.

Edit: It builds ok but failed to run...
Oh. A shame. But I'm happy with the speed Smile Just need to get a new life where I have time to play some games!
Can you create a patch of r5690 (GS.cpp only) and include it in your package. Sorry code is still unstable

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