Problems configurating resolution pcsx 0.9.6
Hi everyone i downloaded pcsx 0.9.6 and i tried to let the ISO of Disgaea 2 work......

i'm using the Gsdx 890(SSE41) 0.1.14 plugin(wich is supported by my i7920 intel processor) and the settings are:

-shader 3.0
-Ratio: 16:9
-D3D internal res: 1680x1050
-SW rend.threads(i can't set it but it's automatically set to 1)
-Nloop hack;texture filtering;wait vsync;alpha correction

Anyway the game always starts in 640x480 windowed mode so i don't know what to do(maybe it's only a game problem)......thanks for any adviceBiggrin

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first of all use 0.9.9, it's MUCH better
The game is being "rendered" at 1680x1050, it's just being displayed in that window. If you want to make the window larger, simply stretch it... If you want it full screen, press alt+enter (the shortcut for all windows programs to display in fullscreen)

That said, as a 2d game, Disgaea isn't going to look better by having the resolution set higher than native (and may actually cause graphical issues). As Fezzer said, you're using a now ancient version of PCSX2, both slower and with lower compatibility. Stick to the latest stable release (0.9.8) unless you want to try the new MTVU speed hack or you need the latest unstable beta to try out some games that aren't working.
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