Problems getting cheats to work.
I got these cheats off codetwink, converted them to raw/unencrypted with omniconvert, put them into pcsx2ce, converted, and saved. And when I load up the game all I get is these TLB MISS errors with load and store at the end of each line.

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make sure you don't have a master code (you dont need one afaik) and all the addresses should start with 2 i believe

so if you have like 0x10038394 or 0x00023880 as addresses, they need to be changed to 0x20038394 or 0x20023880 respectively
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if using explicit field length it must reflect the type

000abcde,, 0000xxyy- is a "byte" -- the xx portion is lost whatever it's value so it's normally 00 in a correct code
100abcde,, 0000xxyy - is a "short" -- xxyy is inputed, all leading zeroes are ignored
200abcde,, 0000xxyy - is a "word" -- the whole number is inputted including the zeroes.

but in the pinach the identifier is given by the token and the address leftmost digit must be changed to 0 or 2 like pointed by Refraction in the former post.

Notice inputting a "field" longer than the original overwrites adjacent fields and might break the game seriously.

The leftmost digit is not part of the address itself, it's just an identifier for the code.

P.S. To avoid any chance of wrongness, I rather use explicit notation for the three and make sure to use the correct token (byte, short, word), even because that enhances readability and clearness.

To pnach the leftmost 0 mean the real table, 2 is a mirror, any other digit leads to crash, and this is valid only when using "byte", "short" or "word"... so...

When using "extended" the leftmost digit "must" be left as it is in the original (raw) code since it's what tells the field length/type.

Edit: Many people prefer using "extended" for all codes because the code is entered as it appear originally and don't need and must not be changed, so if the original code begins with 1 it is kept in the pnach. Identifiers other than 0, 1 and 2 are always entered as extended.

The point is the identifier digit Must Not be changed when using "extended".

sorry for the many editions, I tried my best to make things clear but my "engrish" betray me many times.

At first I too was fooled into think "extended" meant longer than "word" when it actually mean extended functionality.

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Thats the cheats im using
what game and what is the cheat supposed to do?
It's dynasty warriors 3 (PAL).
The cheats I put in are miscellaneous ones which do the following:
Aggressive Enemies/Allies : 1A0EC295 00000001
Enemies Swarm Around You Harmlessly: 1AAEC73D 00000001
1A1AC73F 00000001(2nd line of code)
Gate Captains Gates Never Close : 1A66C296 00000001

try putting those codes in something like cheatengine and see if they work (if they do there's more to be done, if they don't you converted it wrong)
In omniconvert I converted them from Codebreaker 7+ or 1+(cant remember) into raw/unencrypted.
Something I also thought about is changing the force's morale using cheat engine, but I'm not that experienced, but i was able enough to change my ko count.
The codes in the first post seen correct although I'm not sure of the function for the first (which begins with a 4)

The second post, the address (actually offset but...) beginning in A seen wrong, you may be using incorrect converter version.

Remember pnach don't use Master codes and they must be removed.

beginning in 1 tell the pnach engine the value is a "short" field, that may be right although the value in it suggest a byte or even a nipple if not just a flag.

Finally, pay attention to your game region (and version) since a code for another region/version may put values in wrong addresses breaking badly the game.

It it was to give a non precisely based opinion: is the second series the culprit (that that has A in the second digit)
Imagination is where we are truly real
I kinda doubt pcsx2 will be able to use the first two line of the code.By using this
pcsx2 must edit 520 addresses

Edit:And now I saw your post about the game...codetwink have codes for NTSC games only.

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