Problems in running a fluid game
Sorry if this isn't the right section to ask for help

Hello everyone

My PC can run the emulator at 60 fps without any problem but then the speed decreases by 2 or 3 seconds, but the FPS counter remains at 60 (FPS counter is from GeForce Experience). It happens with all my games (I tested DBZBudokai 3, SVR06, PES5 and many others)
The problem is solved if I activate VSync from the GS window, but this causes a drop in FPS (45-50) then I deactivate it again.

I don't know if someone happened to him, I hope you can help me and sorry the bad English

This is my PC Specs:

GeForce GTX 960
8 GB Ram
Intel® Core™ i7-4790S CPU @3.20GHz
Windows 10

I use PCSX2 1.5.0 (without speed hacks) and all my games are ISO files

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Whether or not you're using an external FPS counter or the PCSX2 one; they don't measure internal speed. That's probably what you're seeing. What GSdx settings are you using?

This is my configuration
Switch to the OpenGL renderer. Also, 6x native may be too much for your GPU and could cause slowdowns. 3x/4x native is a much more realistic option anyways.
There is no difference, this happens even with the default settings. Looking in this forum I saw that some had the same problem as me and mentioned something about Aero/desktop composition but I did not understand much
Curious. Are the frame drops happening in perfect timing every time? Or do they vary by what you're looking at on screen? Also helpful to know would be if you have any Speedhacks on. Sounds to me like the EE thread might simply be the bottleneck, and not necessarily a GS problem.
I don't use any speedhack
It's not like a framedrop, it's more like a frameskip. The games runs smooth and after a few seconds the speed goes down for 2 -3 seconds, them fluid again, no sound distortion at all, fps still showing 60 fps
Does the fps counter in the game window title bar ever goes below full speed when that happens(I have notest that the external fps counters are often not as accurate as the build in counter)

If the internal fps counter also says 60fps during that time,it could be internal fps drop which can usually be fixed by increasing the EE speed hack slider but l don't see why enabling vsync will fix the problem if that's the case

Does the fps drop happens in window mode or only in fullscreen
FPS counter always is between 59,00 and 61,00 fps.
This happens in both window mode and fullscreen, i tried increasing EE speed but it doesn't work

Anyway, I put v-sync in "standard" and 4x native and I had no problems playing at 60 fps. I think the problem is already solved

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