Problems regarding macOS PCSX2
Hi there. I am a PCSX2 MacOS user. Recently, I faced some problems when using this emulator.

1. The first problem is about a specific game, Need For Speed Underground 2. As I entered the game, I suddenly found that the color of the game is somewhat strange. It seemed like there was a red filter covering the whole screen. The cars and buildings all turned red or purple, which is completely different than the original game's color. I tried to fix this problem in the settings, but none of my attempts worked. By the way, for other games, everything worked fine.

2. The second problem is the recent update of 1.7.3822. After this update, the PCSX2 becomes abnormal on my Macbook . As I tried to load a game, the software froze. The software froze after every operations I made, such as scanning a game list. Before the update, everything worked fine. But after installing the update the game could not be loaded and PCSX2 itself became frozen.

3. Are there any support for widescreen display on Mac?

Welcome to send any solutions and similar experiences! Thanks!

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Hope there will be a new update solving the freezing problem soon. Somebody else can help me with that here?
There are very few people around here using Mac port
You will have to wait for one who knows about it
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Today a new update of 1.7.3829 is released. I downloaded it on my mac again. However, the same issue still presents. The freezing problem is never solved.
Hope someone can see this and make next update!!! Thanks!
I tried to reinstall the older versions...Strangely though, these versions still have the same problem.
A common cause of freezing on startup is if you have it recursively scan a large directory for games. If this is the issue, deleting ~/Library/Application Support/PCSX2/inis/PCSX2.ini to reset all settings may fix it.

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