Problems running KH
So I grabbed this awesome emulator yesterday in hopes that I can get KH running on it, and after a long time of research I was finally able to get it running, but, thing is, I want to be able to play it with a keybaord. I first downloaded version 0.9.2 in which I could configure the settings the way I wanted and assign keybaord keys to "cross"- "circle" etc. Then when I found out there's a much newer version I DLed that, but, I can't changed any settings with it. I try to change something in graphics, press "accept" but everything goes back to the way it was. Same thing with controllers. I'm unable to change any settings as they revert back to the original setting the second I press "apply" or "accept".
So there's the first problem (new versions only).

Second problem is, that I can run the game, and it's pretty fast (around 50 - 80 FPS), until I actually start the game itself and load the opening movie, that's when everything freezes and it goes down to a 7 FPS, and becomes completely unplayable. I checked the reqs and my PC is above them, and i'm sure it's good enough. I'm running on windows vista btw.

If anyone has any suggestions or can provide any input as to what the problem may be (both about configure not saving anything and really low FPS on videos), it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance to PCSX2 and its great community <3.

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Problem 1)Answered in the FAQ in this very forum
Problem 2)Sounds like bad settings. Post your settings and your complete PC specs.
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