Problems running MGS2 & Tekken Tag Tournament
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Hi guys,

So basically I've been trying to get to grips with using the PCSX2 emulator on my PC. I've had some problems which seem to be fairly "typical" after browsing the forums, but I thought I'd make a thread to ask specifically what you guys think.

When I load up my ISO image file, in the game menus it's fine, (fps seems to stay exactly around the 60 mark for some reason) however, when the game starts properly, the video and sound slows down a great deal, to the point where I'm getting 15-30 or fps, and is unplayable.

Now, I've tried speed hacks (various combinations), some of the different plugins installed with PCSX2 and I've also tried disabling DEM in Vista. All of which did nothing to help my problem.

My PC Specs are -

Vista 32 Bit
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (Stock)
2GB Corsair RAM
Nvidia GeForce 8800GT

Here is a screen shot of both my GFX settings, and my config.

[Image: cfggfxsettings.jpg]

[Image: cfgx.jpg]

- - - - -

Now, I'm thinking it could be my CPU which is causing the problem? Wouldn't mind some back up on this as I have decided to overclock my CPU to about 3.2GHz if this is the case. However, obviously I would rather not overclock my CPU if I can achieve playable FPS with my Q6600 running at stock speed (2.4GHz).

Anyway, help would be much appreciated! <3

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Try using the latest GSDX:
Use the SSSE3 version, your cpu suports it.
Ok, I'll try this an update, thanks.
Unfortunately GoldenX that newer version didn't really have an effect. It's still way too slow to play.

Thanks anyway though Smile
Aren't both of those quite power hungry games? I know for a fact that I can't run Tekken 5 (if it's relative in any way) with more than 40 FPS.
Yeah they could be to be fair, MGS2 has a lot of graphical detail to it etc.. Tekken Tag Tournament also is quite detailed as well.

Would over clocking my CPU to 3.2GHz, from 2.4GHz, give me any sort of noticeable difference you think, fps-wise?

Or I might have to find some games which require less CPU power Sad

Thanks again.
It just might give you that, if the games aren't too GPU dependent.
Or you can buy the PC version of MGS2.
Well I've already bought it for PS2, so I thought I'd try this way first eh Laugh

I think a GeForce 8800GT is a pretty decent GFX card, however, in terms of emulation I'm not sure how good it is. (Obviously I can run PC games fine but that's totally different as I have learnt).

I might try the over clock, but I'm just asking on here to see if anyone solved their problems by over clocking, and how much of a difference it might have made? Smile
Any more people willing to comment on my CPU? The Q6600 Core 2 Quad. Would it be worth over clocking, would it make a difference?

Thanks in advance Smile

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