Problems with All In One Computer
I'll try to be as direct here as possible.

I set up psx2 so I can run it from xmbc.

I installed PSX2 and have had nothing but problems with it. At first the framerates were absolutely dismal. I found this odd because I just got this computer from best buy and I thought if it can handle Guild Wars 2 with barely any lag then 10 year old games should be fine.

Granted, the CPU is not so great, a Celeron GS530 (dual core). But I see on youtube there are videos of someone playing graphic intense ps2 games with the same processor, and getting perfect fps!

As it stands now, the movies play perfectly, the cut scenes are usually around 40fps (not great but bearable) but the gameplay is just horribly slow (20-25fps).

I've tried BLACK, (20fps gameplay) FF12 (30-40fps gameplay) and Lego Batman (20-25 fps gameplay).

My settings are default. I have tried every possible combination (speedhacks, switched to native, ect)

I'm using the newest psx2, direct x11 is installed on this computer, and newest bios/plugins.

Here are the specs on my computer:

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Intel Celeron Dual-Core G530 2.4 GHz processor 2 MB Intel Smart Cache, 5 GT/s DMI
(more details here:

Is this simply not enough to run psx2 cleanly? If that's the case I can just go back to best buy and return this and get something with a better processor, (I notice the bastards now put a 3.2 ghz processor in this same damn computer) but I don't want to bother if its not going to fix this issue.


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Your CPU is the main bottleneck, to run PCSX2 atleast decently for the most games (Yes there are games that even require more juice) is to have a Quad-Core with atleast 3 GHz Speed Smile
The CPU here sucks for anything demanding try to get a pc with at least an intel i3 but an intel i5 would be even better.
I would skip up to the i5 for that socket. i3 not worth it as it is essentially a Celeron with hyperthreads.

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