Problems with Audio being cut-off
Hello, I installed PCSX2 recently and everything seems to work just fine except the audio. When I begin to boot a game a get audio temporarily but soon after it cuts off to silence. I installed the 32 bit ALSA libraries and the emulator still does the same effect. I tried it with Mad Maestro and Magic Pengel in which case both games do the same thing. I also tried Gradius V but in this case the audio doesn't cut off (at least in the first stage, I did limited testing). Console doesn't tell me anything important or any type of error and when I try to close down PCSX2, it takes a while when closing the SPU plugin and then closes successfully.

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Solved, changed from PortAudio to SDL Audio.

This is what is been affecting me:
Great Smile Maybe I should change SDL to default.

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