Problems with GOW 2
hello im new at this but i start to playing gow 2 and when i try to put native config for better looking in the game. The character and the enemys i see them double like a second shadow its awfull.and i cant reach full fps for the game with the new emulator.
my pc amd athlonX2 4600+ 2gb ram , and 9600 gt 512 mb
thx for all hope u can help me

there is a pic of how i see the game and my fps Sad


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If you use custom resolutions you will get bugs,nothing can be done about this.
For your speed issues,use some speed hacks and the latest beta or get a faster processor.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
there is nothing that i can do? about the graphics? i want a better resolution its like a ps1 Sad
Higher internal res = less blocky characters = more work for the GPU. That's why you cannot get full speed. Think of it as anti-aliasing. Of course, high internal res can cause graphical glitches and the like, but it's really game dependent. Some games have no problems with high internal res, while others have double images and even vertical/horizontal black lines. Like Bositman said, there's really nothing that can be done about it. You either live with the graphical glitches, or live with blocky characters. You can also try to find the "sweet spot" of the internal res (i.e. small amount of graphical glitches and average image quality).
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