Problems with KH
Hi, I would write some problems I have with KH:
1)Well, I usually play 2x hw mode and it runs a about 60 fps or more. When I set 3x, it runs at about 45-50 fps, but it seems a lot slower (this happens with most games, howewer)
2)There are some slowdowns in the game when playing in sw which there aren't in hw, and viceversa, like in halloween town there is a slowdown in sw but not in hw, and in some cutscenes (especially in destiny island) there is a serious slowdown when playing in hw, howewer, no problems with sw
3)Can't play KH FM, after the initial scene there is only a black screen
4)In KH 2 and KH 2 FM, there is a serious slowdown after chip and dale say that there are 2 twilight town (I think it's because of the effect on twilight town on the map)
5)Strange bug in KH:Chain of memories. This never happened before, don't know why now this is happening [Image: 264t3qt.png]
6)There are some random crashes, especially in KH1

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About the slowdowns lower the resolution to 2x or native which is decrease the slowdown.
Now, about sw mode so software mode is probably slow for this game or simply your pc cant handle this game in this mode (actually it is slow for many games ) so better to play game in hardware mode.
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Software mode is fast, I was only writing that there are some slowdowns. Howewer, I found another bug in Re:CoM, while saving, it seems that the emulator took fovever to save, then is simply crashes. But these problems with CoM are happening only now, didn't had these problem before. Any idea of how to solve?
I solved Re:CoM problems using the stable release

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