Problems with Rumble-Feature (Xbox One Controller)
Hi there,

Everything runs smoothly except for the rumble feature. I am using PCSX2 1.6.0., the xbox one wireless controller and lilypad 0.12.1. All the buttons and sticks were recognized right from the start, but unfortunately the "add force feedback" function doesn't work for me. It's showing me the big motor and small motor options for my "Xinput Pad0" but none of them work when i hit the test button. The Rumble Function also doesn't work ingame. I also tried another plugin (popokom) without success. Of course i could play the games without this feature but for me the rumble function adds some of the oldschool ps2 flair Tongue  Any Ideas?

Thanks for your help!!



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Okay Case closed!
I just unchecked the DirectInput Box and also deleted all the key bindings of pad2. Now it finally works!  Smile

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