Problems with Shadow Hearts: Covenant
Hello, this is my first post here so pls have mercy.

my problem lies with something i haven't seen discussed anywhere.

it's that whenever i engage in a fight, my menu starts bugging out. nothing graphical just i can't move my curser down without buttonsmashing.

for example: the default is normal attack, where you can switch by press left or right for hard attack, low attack and so on. but when i try to go down to let's say magic or items, the curser just instantly goes back to attack. so if i smash down (or even r1, r2) i can barely manage to get in. then it stays. but if there is more than one option it's the same as before. same thing happens when selecting targets. it stays with the default one unless i smash buttons.

i don't know if this a bug or something hardware/software related but it's extremly odd since i just finished shadow hearts 1 with no issues and even the 'sequel' from the new world works perfectly fine.

also in the normal menu, either the title screen or ingame all the buttons work perfectly fine. it's only in combat. i also thought it might be a 'feature' for the tower as a tutorial, but since i just cleared it and went to the next location, it didn't fix anything.

so if anyone could help it would be much appreciated.-

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