Problems with controls on pcsx2
Okay, i am currently having problems with my ps3 controller on pcsx2. I am running Kingdom hearts and i am having problems moving diagonally. Any help please? I'm using MotionJoy Gamepad to connect my controller to pc and i have Lilypad 0.11.0 (r5282) on my pcsx2 emulator (version 1.0.0).

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See this thread,next time before making a new thread use search button Smile

or google scarlet drivers for ps3 controller
(04-22-2013, 05:34 AM)Preet Wrote: See this thread,next time before making a new thread use search button Smile

That isn't the problem. I'm not trying to use my ps3 controller without motionjoy... The Pokopom didn't really help. I want to keep using motionjoy. I am just having problems getting the controller configuration on the plugin to move diagonally as well as up, down, left, right. I'm having a problem with Pokopom, when i try to use my ps3 controller with it, it isn't recognizing the controller when playing a game.
I think some problems with motionjoy.can u try scarlet driver for u'r ps3 controller? U ticked xbox360 controller in lilypad plugin setting? This is the all help i can do,wait till other user or dev can help u!!
Recently I bought the Razer Onza, the first noticeable thing testing it at the Devices and printers panel is it does not reach the square extremes. Every other game pad I have do it.

That translates the former has a "circular" pattern and that means it is precise in any direction. Means also the other pads are less sensible on the diagonals in game and the only actual solution (ATM at least) to this case is adjusting that sensibility in the Lilypad config, luckily that option exist.

The adjust must be done case by case, find what works better for you. Not all controllers present the issue or more precisely it's not noticeable at first, others fall just bellow the point where the "run" speed is reached.

PS: Or make it too sensible to be almost impossible moving at lower pace. Of course there is the chance the controller is defective (not saying it is, just pointing a possibility).

Edit: Never attempted such thing but is theoretically possible is doing the controller calibration (at Windows panel) in a way it presents that circular pattern, don't push it so it is stretched at the corners. If trying it, please report the results.
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